About Dr. Loubert Suddaby, MD

Dr. Loubert S. Suddaby, a neurosurgical doctor practicing in and around Buffalo, New York, has earned a reputation as an innovative, reliable surgeon for a host of indications.

Perhaps due to his humble upbringing on a small farm near Edson, Alberta, Loubert Suddaby has always appreciated the value of hard work. His educational career was one marked with distinction and awards, and since his 1988 board certification in neurosurgery, Dr. Suddaby’s professional career has been characterized by outstanding surgical outcomes and groundbreaking innovation.

Dr. Suddaby’s drive for innovation has resulted in the issuance of more than 60 patents to his name, including a well-known laminectomy suction and retraction device, a ratcheting anterior cervical compression plate, ratcheting expandable interbody fusion devices, and a radiographic spine marker. His will to create unique surgical and clinical products that improve the lives of his patients is a testament to his dedication to those entrusted to his care.

Dr. Suddaby’s membership in a host of surgical associations (including the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Canadian Congress of Neurological Surgeons, American College of Surgeons, and American Academy of Pain Management,) helps him remain at the forefront of the neurosurgical field. His patients know him as a meticulous practitioner who goes the extra mile to ensure good surgical results and patient satisfaction.